Call to action: Refugee Ban EO

Fight the Trump agenda. Contact your senators, and let them know you expect them to #withholdconsent, demand that if #nojusticenobills, and to Stop the #swampcabinet.

No Longer Hyperbole

Trump signs unconstitutional executive order against Muslims just like Hitler did against the Jews.

Donald Trump’s Mandate

Over 73 million American people voted against Donald Trump. He has no mandate. Congress shouldn’t act like he does.

“Bloated Government”

The big government myth rips of trillions of dollars of tax payer money to line to pockets of donors and congress. Government is smaller than it was in 1962, PROOF!!

Trump Plan: Completely Eliminate or Privatize Agencies

Source:  The Hill We didn’t write this, we just really liked it! Re-blogged from the Hill. Donald Trump is ready to take an ax to government spending. Staffers for the Trump transition team have been meeting with career staff at the White House ahead of Friday’s presidential inauguration to outline their plans for shrinking the…


It has been a whirlwind 72 hours! I hardly know where to start. First, let me congratulate the millions of men, women and children that turned out for the Women’s March on Washington. I read an article today that said it was the SINGLE LARGEST PROTEST IN THE HISTORY OF THE NATION!!! Second, we have…

So many lives destroyed out of hubris.

“I mourn the loss of possibility, of promise, of our pursuit of happiness.” A couple, both insured through the Affordable Care Act, contemplates the loss of insurance and the loss of the life they’d hoped to have. via Rural Realities of Repealing the ACA — Discover