“Bloated Government”

Just how bloated is government?  Well, if you go HERE you can see that government, as in actual non-profit civil servant federal employees, is smaller now than it was in 1962. Really. Even though the population has dramatically increased, even though services have dramatically increased…. government has decreased.

So why are you being told that it is bloated and inefficient? Well, funny enough, many of the NON-PROFIT civil service jobs are being contacted out to private, FOR-PROFIT agencies that pay their workers poorly, offer no benefits, and in the notable case of Edward Snowden, can put our national security at risk.

Worse- those contracts actually cost MORE than the civil servants would, and provide less efficient service. So, if the workers are paid less, why do the contracts cost more?   Because they are FOR PROFIT.  Trillions of our tax payer dollars are being wasted lining the pockets of Washington cronies, members of congress and their families.

Make no mistake, the drive to “cut government” and to “privatize” is dog whistle for ripping off trillions of dollars from middle class workers that rely on those programs, to put it in the pocket of the billionaire and millionaire congressional donors.  Don’t get fooled by their rhetoric.

Thought of the day:  How exactly do members of congress make millions of dollars while in office?  Things that make you go hmmmmm….

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