No Longer Hyperbole

The amount of WHAT THE FU@K I have experienced in the last 24 hours!!!

I want to officially nominate all the rogue federal employees that are risking their jobs to #resist and keep the truth free by setting up rogue social media account. You all deserve a metal. Do NOT tell me who you are! Hats off to your good civil servants!  In a world of selfishness, and greed, you have the nerve, the decency and the strength to raise your voice against tyranny and say “no!” You are an inspiration!

I spent hours this morning reading the pending legislation proposed this week. It makes Pinochet look like a great guy. Then the icing on the garbage cake was the UNCONSTITUTIONAL executive order discriminating against Muslims.  I guess the ACLU will see you in court, in less that 10 days. Bravo.  Fascist.

Every day is a new and horrifying experience.

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